How We Help Business


Compliance & Assurance

We help originations to understand, implement, operate and demonstrate their level of compliance to the relevant security & privacy legislation and regulation. i.e. PCI DSS, ISO 27001, GDPR, NIST etc.


Security & Privacy Transformation

We help organisations build the case for change, develop the transformation journey and deliver the improvements required to address the unique business and security drivers in line with the overall strategy.

Our SaphisleTR Framework enables organizations to quickly understand the business objectives and to ‘right size’ the security transformation activities to support the wider commercial objective.


Operating Model Optimisation

Through our collective experience and thought leadership, we help organisations to ‘right size’ their privacy and security capabilities to help balance risk whilst ensuring commercial opportunities can be realised.

Through the adoption of our SaphisleOM Framework we support business in establishing the appropriate model to enhance their competitive advantage.


Security Technology Optimisation

The security technology landscape within an organisation can be complex and fragmented with capabilities underutilised or not fully understood. We help business to optimise their estate to improve control effectiveness and realize the benefits available.

Our SaphisleTO Framework enables organisations to quickly understand the near term and medium term opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the security technology and supporting services along with opportunities to control their operational costs.


Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestment

We help organisations manage the security and privacy risk through material organisational change. Pragmatism and business alignment is fundamental to ensure risks are appropriately understood through large scale change and focus is concentrated on the key business processes and information.

Our SaphisleTR Framework enables organizations to quickly understand the business objectives and to ‘right size’ the security transformation activities to support the wider commercial objective.


Resource Augmentation/Interim Management

We look to complement your business with the specialist skills and experience required to address the challenges you face.

The success of your business is ultimately down to the quality, professionalism, capability and the trust you have in our people. We ensure all our employees and partners alike have both the values and competency required to provide the required support and leadership to take your organisation forward.


IdentiTy & Access Management (IAM)

We assist organisations in ensuring their users have access to only those systems and information when they need to. IAM is fundamentally a business problem that utilises technology to address. Our team have the experience to understand the challenges faced by IAM implementations and can quickly identify and implement pragmatic and prioritised improvement activities to improve control effectiveness and support business objectives.


Commercial and Legal

We work with organisations to ensure they have adequate safeguards within their legal agreements. Saphisle work with partners who are well versed in legal and contractual obligations with respect to privacy and security legislation and regulation. Although Saphisle are not qualified to advise directly on legal aspects, we work closely with legal partners to translate security and privacy requirements into commercial terms.


Managed Security Services

We can support the operational management of your technology estate from services such as firewall management through to providing a security monitoring capability.


DPO/CISO as a service

We can provide the leadership and experience to help shape/lead/ manage/complement your security and/or privacy organisation to fulfil business and/or legal obligations. we work with Business of all types to understand the specific needs to shape a bespoke service to meet the specific needs.