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Saphisle is a leading Security & Privacy organisation that helps business and individuals protect their information in the fast moving, interconnected and dynamic world we live in.


Security & Privacy



Working at a business as well as a technical level, we help major and multinational companies improve the way they use, store and manage information, reducing risk, demonstrating compliance and improving processes.

We assist individuals to understand their risk exposure and support them in monitoring and taking appropriate action to protect themselves and the people that most to them.

Our highly bespoke, customer-focused approach is backed up by proven expertise within security & privacy from extensive cross-sector experience.



Our company was founded out of the need to help organisations and individuals with real world challenges and opportunities.

Our company is founded on the belief that each and every one of our customers are unique that require a different perspective to be taken.

We pride ourselves in moving away from the traditional service model to one that is based on achieving positive outcomes for both businesses and individuals.

Our customers include many of the leading multinationals, high net worth individuals and not for profit organisations.

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Joining Saphisle gives you the chance to work with some of the world’s leading professionals helping organisations and individuals meet some of the most important security & privacy challenges of today. READ MORE

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